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10 reasons to visit the Cook Islands

There is simply nothing you can complain about at the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands are just the definition of a perfection. What not to love? The crystal blue water? The friendliest people under the sun? White sandy beaches surrounded by coconut trees? One of the best snorkelling spots in the world? There

Cook Islands on a budget

How to travel to the Cook Islands on a budget

Even though the Pacific islands are not a cheap destination, travel to the Cook Islands on a budget is definitely possible. Surrounded by a crystal clear lagoon with the finest white sandy beaches, the Cook Islands are a paradise on the Earth. There is just one place we have ever visited that


How we broke down in the Australian Outback

Saving money while travelling belongs at the top of our priorities every time we travel. But as we learned from road tripping in Australia, there is one item on our list we never save money on and that is a car insurance. Road trip around Australia was rated as one of the



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